Annual HBCU College Tour

is excellent way for students to learn about life on an HBCU campus. They get a first-hand look at classrooms, lecture halls, dining facilities, dorms, apartments, campuses and virtually everything else connected with college life. Tours typically include campus visits, historical tours, and cultural activities. This a week long tour in June.


Messages for Mom & Dad 

Program encourage healthy communication between incarcerated parents and their children at the Riverside Correctional Facility for Women, House of Detention, and Cambria Community Center for Men of the Philadelphia Prison System. Volunteers visit the facilities three times a week to videotape the inmates reading books and sending messages of love and encouragement to their children. Volunteers transfer the mini discs to individual DVDs for the inmates and mail the completed packages to their children. Omega Omega Chapter is one of nine organizations who participate in this program.


Muncy Prison Project

is an Extraordinary Service project designed to help strengthen the bonds between children and their mothers while incarcerated. The goal is to schedule visits two times during the year. An orientation is held for the families prior to the trip to ensure a smooth visit. The children and their guardian travel on a chartered bus to the Muncy Women’s Correctional Facility located in Muncy, PA. A light breakfast and snack is provided during the ride to and from the facility. Families spend the day playing games, watching movies and sharing quality time. After the visit volunteers continue to work with the children through a literacy initiative.


Stephen Smith Homes

is a independent living community located in West Philadelphia. They provide safe and easy living for seniors who can still live independentley, and enjoy social activities with others. Omega Omega volunteers provide breakfast and prepare activities to entertain the residence. 



Tribune Charities 

The 1926 Foundation donates to Tribune Charities 


United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund, or UNCF, is an American philanthropic organization that funds scholarships for black students and general scholarship funds for 39 private historically black colleges and universities. In 2005, the UNCF supported approximately 65,000 students at over 900 colleges and universities with approximately $113 million in grants and scholarships. About 60% of these students are the first in their families to attend college, and 62% have annual family incomes of less than $25,000. UNCF also administers over 450 named scholarships.